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Products & Services
Key Stop Dispenser Filling Stations at Remote Bulk Plants
Blue Flame has remote tanks spread across the region to accommodate customers' needs, including motor fuel, in North Daktoa and Colorado.
Hot Oiler Delivery
Blue Flame offers a scheduled night route to fill hot oilers, in addition to dispatched deliveries that are called in.
Frac Heaters
Blue Flame specializes in delivering propane to frac heaters day & night.
Temporary, On-Site Propane Storage
Blue Flame can provide temporary propane storage on-site from 1,000 gallons up to 18,000 gallons to feed any size burner in oilfield applications, as well as construction sites, commercial applications and asphalt plants.
Bulk Propane Deliveries & Wholesale Supply
Blue Flame can supply large quantities of propane for all your bulk propane needs.
Residential Tank Fills
Blue Flame can provide self-owned tank fills for your residential needs.
Small Tanks Available For Sale or Lease
Blue Flame offers a variety of tanks ranging in size from 120 gallon to 1000 gallon.
Contact Erik at 701-609-4829 for current pricing.