Blue Flame Propane, Inc. was started in 2012 to fill a niche that was tried and proven in Utah by Kevin & Shane Duncan who also own Mountain West Propane, Inc. That niche was to provide propane service to the oil and gas extraction industry 24/7.

We take the propane needs of our customers as our own and create an informal partnership; helping them meet timelines and supply needs. We use our supply chain with extensive buying power to assure availability of propane at all times for a fair price.

We can supply your needs from the 5-gallon cylinder refill to a 10,000-gallon transport load and everything in between.

At Blue Flame Propane, Inc., we take our commitment seriously and pride ourselves in running a business with integrity. We only ask for a chance to prove why Blue Flame would make sense to you!

Thank you in advance for your business. We look forward to serving you.

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About Us
"We found a real need, in particular to hot oilers, to provide reliable service all hours of the day and night on short notice to the oil and gas industry," stated Kevin Duncan, President of Blue Flame Propane, Inc. He went on to say, "Having a retail propane business in Utah servicing the residential market, as well as the oil and gas industry for the past 30 years has given us the knowledge and expertise to branch out with Blue Flame and 'dial in' on servicing the oil and gas industry."